Making SharePoint 2010 and 2013 More usable 508 Platforms

Hi All,

I’m writing this blog post to show the importance of having SharePoint 2010 or 2013 comply with section 508 in your organization. A lot of organizations are using SharePoint as a primary collaboration platform in their environment. With that being said, non-sighted, visually impaired or blind users are having difficulty collaborating with their peers because existing tools don’t make SharePoint very easy to use.

Blind and non-sighted users are using screen readers to hear each element in the page, this technology can be extremely frustrating to use, however, it is the only tool they have to help them become social and able to collaborate within their coworkers.

To demonstrate what I mean, here is an example of a screen reader for scanning a simple web page:

Since SharePoint is the most prolific enterprise class collaborative platform, Discover Technologies built “Discover 508 for SharePoint” to make SharePoint 2010 & 2013, compliant with section 508. Providing a simple, intuitive user interface and focusing on the navigation more than HTML elements is a key differentiator between others and our product.

Discover 508 is a SharePoint product by Discover technologies that makes your SharePoint Farm easier to use and compliant with the usability standard within Section 508. One of the advantages of Discover 508 is you can install it on any SharePoint Farm without the need to change any Farm Settings and it provides a smooth transition in switching between the default and 508 mode.

SharePoint 2010 508 compliance challenges ?

Liam Cleary ( A SharePoint MVP and Community speaker) addressed in one of his presentation some of the issues you will face in making SharePoint 2010, 508 compliant, especially in areas when you have Silverlight controls, Rich Text Editor, Image Fields, CSS and Javascript and how you tackle these challenges by having your own custom master pages, CSS and Javascript..etc.

Also, Liam was addressing how to write code to make SharePoint Comply with Section 508, blog post url:

Benefits of Discover 508 for SharePoint?

1) No need for additional development or IT administration efforts to maintain different master pages, page layouts or pages for default and 508 modes. Discover 508 solves this problem by simply installing on your farm and enabling it on your SharePoint Web application as a feature.

2) Discover 508 is a cross-site compatible product, you can use it with any supported browser for SharePoint.

3) Discover 508 is compatible with different screen reader brands such as:  JAWS, NVDA, WindowEyes and Dragon.

4) Seeing is believing, Check out this video of Discover 508 for SharePoint in action:

Check out our Discover 508 product page for more information:

Got questions? Feel free to drop us a line with your questions and i will be more than happy to respond.

Setup a free demo, email: info (at) discovertechnologies (dot) com



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